Table Tennis

KETTLER is an innovation leader in Table Tennis Tables!

Step Up Your Game!

KETTLER creates the highest quality table tennis tables so that you can can achieve the highest quality of total health - mind, body and spirit.

Exercise The Mind

Sharpen your mental skills! As described by Neuropsychologist Scott Sautter, Ph.D., ABN, “The neuroscience of playing Ping Pong has been described as a game of ‘aerobic chess.’ It’s great for eye-hand coordination, reflexes, balance, planning, and strategy...".

Get In Shape

This fast-paced sport gets your body moving so you can get your sweat on! Fantastic for all ages and skill levels, playing table tennis is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, helping to improve heart health and circulation. It also helps strengthen muscles, mobilizes the joints, and sharpens reaction times.

Just Have Fun!

Whether you're playing a casual game at home with friends and family, or a competitive match at your local rec center, table tennis fosters an environment of social connectivity and friendly competition. Enjoy the stress-relieving benefits and the release of mood-boosting endorphins as you get lost in the game.

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